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Eddy current separator







Separation plants


Magnetic separator

   for the Iron

  - overbelt overband

  - plates and bars

  - pulleys and cylinders

  - filters and grates


Eddy current separators for Non-ferrous metals


Cylinders mills for Glass crushing


Cylinders presses for plastic bottles, tetra-pak, cans


Cable and WEEE recycling

Eddy current separator

Eccentric and Concentric Technology


Non-ferrous metals separator - mod. SNF



The Eddy Current Separator  (ECS), is an advanced separator, that excellent separates non ferrous metals (like aluminium, copper, brass, etc.)  from inert materials (glass, stones, plastic, wood, etc.) and eliminates the smallest parts of the ferrous metals left from the sorting with magnetic separator. It presents a great benefit - you can have all these 3 different types of materials purely sorted and downloaded directly into separate containers.

Cogelme non ferrous metal separator has got a wide success and is used by the recyclers in various sectors - plastic, municipal waste, glass, foundry sand, cars recycling and all the other wherever metal is founded.

Due to our long time successful experience and custom-engineered solutions we will most probably have the proposal also to your specific problem.

Eccentric Eddy current separator


The Eddy current separator (ECS), is a conveyor tape made with a particular magnetic field in the head, which is generated by high frequency polar wheel: when the non-ferrous metals are coming near to the magnetic field, they are lifted and "expulsed" to one appropriate collecting canal, while the inert materials freely fall down to another container. All iron till the smallest pieces, which differently from the non-ferrous metals, is kept by the magnetic rotor and downloaded in the proper container under the Eddy Current separator.

With Cogelme custom-engineered Eddy Current separators recycling is maximized and you can count on the same great durability and safety features that make Cogelme equipment design.


Complete line for Iron and Non-ferrous metals separation

eddy current separator


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Eccentric and Concentric Technology

Cogelme different types of Eddy Current separators engineered exclusively to give higher purity separation in base to the physical characteristics of the materials and minimize your costs. It start from the traditional model for separation of big sizes metals 350-400 mm (pans, cans and etc.) and comes till the new machine, which is able to separate grinded materials of very thin dimensions: up to 2 mm (special for the plastic cleaning).

Our experienced people will determine with you what characteristics Eddy current separator will best suit your needs. We realize that we all win when we work together.

 Eddy Current Separator for PET cleaning



More precise and efficient sorting.

Work with reliable and long-term operating machine, because we strictly control that only the high quality certified components would be used.

Special system against possible damages in case of electrical blackout.

Security systems for the magnets keeping, which ensure safety for the people and longer life for the magnets.

Minimal and easy maintenance.

Cogelme separators will be designed according to your space, your output objectives and your budget.

Our Eddy Current separators drive down the labour costs, increase processing capacity and profitability.

Excellent separated valuable materials.


eddy current separator for non ferrous metals separation visit the gallery


Fiberglass cylinders for any brands' Eddy current separators.

Best price.


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It's possible to see a VIDEO of Cogelme Eddy Current Separator in the "Info & Video" page


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